Knivis is a software company dedicated to the idea that great business websites and great business ideas do indeed go together. Knivis believes that the internet is fertile ground for a better business model, and we strive to ensure that the entrepreneurial efforts of our business partners are rewarded by unrivaled success.

Knivis is an Internet Marketing solutions provider that helps businesses to transform each element of their Web strategy into a more harmonious, revenue-producing machine. By harnessing the power of social media and mobile technology, Knivis will modernize your business and give you a powerful platform to build your brand, connect more personally with customers and capture new revenue opportunities to fuel your growth.

Key benefits of Knivis:

  • Total Coordination – Optimize your content and messaging across all Web channels, including website, social media, mobile and email
  • High Impact – Reinforce and personalize your message through a multi-channel approach to maximize impact and drive results

Whether you are a company or a corporation just looking for a website, a developer who wants to offer (or even rebrand) Knivis, an entrepreneur looking for a business opportunity, or a web professional who wants to offer your services, Knivis has something for you. Let’s put it this way: If it has anything to do with the web, Knivis has the solution.