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Barton Woods, Firefly Knivis keeps Firefly competitive by supporting all my internet service needs, without any of the costly infrastructure investment. It gives me the ability to offer my clients a full range of web solution, customized to their specific needs. And, through the Knivis Community, I can provide additional services with Affiliate Partners I know and trust. 
 Bart Woods Firefly Creative, Inc.

I need to take control of my website and web content I need a website I am looking for a CMS that I can rebrand and/or resell Make Money by joining the community and offer your professional skills
We provide companies of all sizes with a powerful (yet simple to use) platform for web design, SEO optimization, and online marketing strategy development!
Knivis offers a powerful, profitable recession - proof business opportunity for both individuals and companies. The income stream possibilities are endless.

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  KNIVIS is an Internet Marketing solutions provider that helps businesses to transform each element of their Web strategy into a more harmonious, revenue-producing machine.  By harnessing the power of social media and mobile technology, Knivis will modernize your business and give you a powerful platform to build your brand, connect more personally with customers and capture new revenue opportunities to fuel your growth.
Key benefits of Knivis:
•                Total Coordination – Optimize your content and messaging across all Web channels, including website, social media, mobile and email
•                High Impact – Reinforce and personalize your message through a multi-channel approach to maximize impact and drive results
•                Rapid Delivery & ROI – Knivis is easy to use and can help you to see results in weeks, not months
Knivis Solution Offerings:
•                Integrated Social Media pushing
•                Mobile content delivery
•                Website content management
•                Search Engine optimization
•                Email Marketing

Whether you are a company just looking for a website, a corporation looking for a CMS platform, a developer who wants to offer (or even rebrand) Knivis, an entrepreneur looking for a business opportunity, or a web professional who wants to offer your services, Knivis has something for you. Let’s put it this way: If it has anything to do with the web, Knivis has the solution.  

Something Special Designs (Kendra Bull) provided Eastland Suites Hotel & Conference Center with an innovative and thoughtful site design that captured our needs and sensibility very well. She was very professional, prompt, friendly, and it was an absolute pleasure to have her working with us on this project.Eastland Suites Hotel & Conference Center


As a designer the most appealing attribute of Knivis for me and my business is the flexibility it allows for custom designs. Whether the task at hand is to follow a set brand or establish a new one Knivis allows your imagination to guide the design rather than the stringent rules and regulations of traditional code.

When I present a web concept to my clients, I can be confident that because of the flexibility of Knivis, what they see is what they will get. This allows me to focus more on building a great layout and giving them exactly what they want and also eliminates the need to adjust my layout to fit the mold of prehistoric templates... which often resulted in so-so designs and decreased functionality (and unsatisfied clients).
 - Kendra Bull, Something Special Designs.